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Tips for interview

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Tips for interview:


Looking for a new job can be a frustrating experience and it is important to be prepared and ready for the interview. To help relieve the stress of job-hunting; There is some tips will help ease the interview process.

Show your sincerity

It is import that visit the website of the company, that makes you preliminary understand the company’s business. Don’t forget to have a full company name, complete address, telephone number and the name of contact person.

Dressed in formal dressing, well ironed light clothes suitable for day wear and avoid wearing jeans and casual wear. Don’t dress in bright colors. Gentlemen should wear a suit and a tie. Make-up for women should be light. Ensure your hair looks neat and tidy. Your nails should be clean and manicured. Corporate dressing helps boost confidence.

Be Punctual

Always arrive on time and never arrive late. It gives a poor first impression to interviewer to keep him / her waiting for you. Even you arrive much earlier, don’t just go there without any notification to the interviewer/contact person. It probably will upset the interviewer’s schedule.

If for unforeseen circumstances you are unable to make your interview appointment, it is polite to call the contact person / your consultant to apologise and re-schedule the interview. If under any circumstances you would like to withdraw the interview, you should inform the contract person / your consultant as soon as possible, always have a reason if you cannot show up for an interview.

Manner of the interview

Your body language can tell the interviewer more about you, it is important to be relaxed and not tense, and to smile and answer questions confidently. Keep eye contact with the interviewer in an appropriate manner. Be positive, keeping your answers evenly paced and clear, using your body language to supplement this. Being enthusiastic and interested and not allowing yourself to get flustered may give you the edge at a successful interview.Always have your Mobile Phones and Pagers switched off during an interview.

Keep Positive Attitude

Always have possession of relevant certificates and documents. These should be presented to your interviewer upon request. Store your documents in a clear folder for easy reference.You should stay positive all the way through the interview. Research for details regarding the vacancy and the company use it when necessary, be prepared for questions you are likely to be asked and about the answers you will give. It is important to work out the information your prospective new employer is looking for. Always be positive if you are asked a question which is unexpected even the answer is unknown. Pay attention to the description of the job duties and the introduction of the company. Do not be afraid to ask question when necessary or request additional information regarding the company and the position.

Present reasons for seeking new job truthfully

“Why you want to seek for a new job?” is a common question that will be asked by the interviewer. Be prepared for this question. It is advisable to give the question some serious thought before attending the interview. The answer given by yourself will provide the client information about your personal motivation, your career and work goals. Try to avoid a reason of leave like "Change of Environment". A prospective employer may feel that you have not given much thought to changing jobs and that you might be unwilling to commit yourself seriously to any new job.

If you genuinely wish to broaden your horizons explain why you are not achieving it with your current company. If the reason for changing jobs is a personality clash, choose wording carefully referring the action of other people. Never use derogatory language while referring to people you work which will direct the interviewer to draw negative conclusions about your interpersonal skills.

It will be beneficial that you understand what would help you to work productively and gratefully so that

you are able to make the right decision on joining a new company.