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Tips for writing a resume

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Tips for writing a resume:

Resume as an initial basis to evaluate the applicant’s potential candidacy of employer, it is your personal

sales tool to emphasis your most favorable attributes that can add value to the job and contribute to the

organization. An effective resume could be much rose up you to gain an interview.

The resume should be and including:

  • Show your personal information clearly
  • A paragraph of executive summary
  • Design into easy to read format, Times New Roman and Arial are standard typefaces on must business computers. Use a font size of 12 points or above.
  • Start employment history with your current or most recent job and work backwards. Include
  • your accomplishments, scope of the position, job duties and responsibilities.
  • List out the job duties and responsibilities in point form. Well use bold type to highlight key point / achievements. Where possible quantify your achievements with precise facts and figures, e.g. managed junior staff, handled department budget, prepared management reports, or you can state out participated project detail.
  • Academic and professional qualifications in brief mention as to your college or schooling
  • Any computer or other skills
  • Your ability of language (speaking and writing)
  • Your current and expected salary (it could limit you to a lower salary or eliminate you from consideration)
  • References information